Brigantine, NJ Beach Info

Beach Patrol
The Beach Patrol sponsors swimming and rowing competitions and swimming clinics for youth. Beach Chairs are available for the disabled. Please call Headquarters to reserve : (609) 266-5233.
Click here for Beach Patrol information
Fishing Areas:

  • North of 14th Street North
  • 45th Street – 47th Street
  • 49th Street (the area north of Seaside Road)
  • South of Jetty (Absecon Inlet)
  • Brigantine Bridge

Swimming Swimming is permitted at the following beaches from June 15th to Labor Day during the hours of 10:00 am – 5:30 pm, while the lifeguards are on duty.

  • 10th       Street North
  • 5th         Street North
  • 2nd        Street North
  • 2nd        Street South
  • 4th         Street South
  • 7th         Street South
  • 14th       Street South
  • 16th       Street South
  • 20th       Street South
  • 22nd      Street South
  • 26th       Street South
  • 28th       Street South
  • 32nd      Street South
  • 34th       Street South
  • 38th Street South
  • 43rd Street South
  • Bramble Drive
  • Surfside Road
  • Sandy Lane

Surfing Surfing is permitted at the following beaches:

  • 12th Street North
  • 10th Street South
  • North of South End Jetty
  • South of the Sandy Lane bathing area

Surfers (or aspiring surfers) may also contact the Brigantine Beach Waveriders at (609) 266-SURF for information about surfing tournaments and clinics for youth.

Kite Flying Permitted on 34th Street South to 38th Street South.

Dogs on the Beach From October 1st to May 29th, dogs are allowed on the beach provided they are on a leash, not longer than 6 ft. Dog feces must be removed. Dogs are allowed on the North-End Beach any time – same rules apply.

Dunes, Fences & Beach Grass The interference with, alteration, removal or destruction of sand dunes, vegetation, snow fences, or protective barriers along the beach is prohibited..

Beach Parking Areas (Permit required)

1. 2nd Street and Roosevelt Blvd.

2. 16th Street and Ocean Avenue

3. 34th Street and Ocean Avenue

4. 38th Street and Ocean Avenue